About Santa Cruz Wildlife Photography


About Santa Cruz Wildlife Photography


Our beautiful South Texas ranch is a pristine wildlife photography destination. With diverse habitats and a wide array of big game, small game, and bird species it truly is a place that epitomizes the "South Texas experience". We would love to share this special place with you during a wildlife photography workshop, guided birding trip, or simply a relaxing getaway.

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Eric J Garza

Eric J Garza - Ranch Owner & Photographer

Eric J Garza is the man behind the addition of wildlife photography to the ranch.  Although he's an amateur photographer, he has embraced his passion for nature and wildlife and is quickly honing his skills in nature photography with his Canon R3 mirrorless camera.  He currently operates the ranch on a daily basis and has been making improvements since 2017.  He lives on the ranch full time with his family of 4 and family pets.  Family pets include Jax, a not so miniature schnauzer, Prince and Journey the Bengal tigers.

Manny Marquez

Manny Marquez - Professional Photographer, Guide & Instructor

Ruth Hoyt

Ruth Hoyt - Professional Photographer, Guide & Instructor

Ruth Hoyt, our lead photography guide and Workshop Leader, has 30+ years' experience teaching and coaching photographers of all skill levels, with more than 20 years based in Deep South Texas. She is a certified interpretive guide, master naturalist, and a full-time professional photographer with publication credits too numerous to mention.  

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Desi Martinez

Desi Martinez - Professional Photographer & Guide

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