Birding in South Texas


Birding in South Texas

South Texas: A Birder's Paradise

South Texas is very well known for its diversity of beautiful and exotic bird species that frequent the area while traveling along the Central Migration Flyway. We specialize in offering guided birding and photography trips that offer an immersive Texas experience. This truly is one of the best birding destinations in North America!

Birds in South Texas

Bird Species in South Texas

The variety and vibrance of bird species in South Texas is truly breathtaking. Birders and photographers can look forward to seeing and photographing bird species they may have never seen before.

Some of the top birds that you can look forward to seeing in South Texas are:

Bird Photography Workshops

South Texas Birding

Guided Birding Trips

Our professional guides are very knowledgeable about birds, their habits, and the specific species that live in South Texas. Utilizing this knowledge, we will not only help you find the birds that you are looking for, but we also work tirelessly year round to implement certain strategies that attract a higher volume and variety of birds to our property. When you come to Santa Cruz Ranch for a birding trip, you can expect to experience some of the best bird life in all of South Texas!

Birding Blinds & Photography Strategy

We also use strategic staging methods that put our guests in a position to take the best possible bird photos. Each of our birding blinds contains a supply of tools such as pruners, rakes, etc. that allow us to create natural looking perches and set the scene for you to capture some amazing photos. Most importantly, we pass this knowledge on to our clients so they can implement the same tricks on future birding trips, wherever they may be!

Texas Birding Trips

Plan Your Birding Trip in South Texas

If you are looking for the ultimate South Texas birding, photography, and instructional course, contact us today to start planning your trip with Santa Cruz Wildlife Photography - we promise it will be a memorable experience.

If you are an aspirational photographer, you may be interested in our wildlife photography workshops as well.

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